Child & Adolescent Psychology
Child & Adolescent Psychology

Teen years are hard for every adolescent, but some teens have more problems than others. If your child seems to be struggling with extreme emotional distress or other issues, you need to get them help as soon as possible.


You, as a parent, suffer as well when you see your child struggling. You need to talk care of your mental health and be emotionally strong to provide your teen with the support & guidance they need. Suppose, your child has recently been bullied which caused her to be angry, have lack of motivation, no

confidence in herself and no will to go anywhere or do anything. In this case, the child is emotionally

upset and this, in turn, affects her behavior, leads to disturbed thinking, low self-esteem and a poor self- image. At this critical stage, a child needs help which can play an important role in her life. Family members can play a vital role in this recovery by educating themselves and understanding their child’s behaviour. Parents/siblings must use correct words and watch their own behaviour with the child. Along with the child, family members/parents must maintain good mental health and find coping skills for themselves as well. Parents must themselves be compassionate, confident and capable in dealing with difficult times, so that they can help their child overcome various life challenges.


Child & Adolescent psychology deals with teens who have behaviour issues, dealing difficulties, conduct disorder, poor study habits, lack of concentration, low self-esteem and poor self-image. The American Academy of pediatrics explains, that adolescence is a season of fast-paced development in five key areas: moral, social, physical, cognitive and emotional. To support this development, adolescent psychologists recognize and help teenagers during this period of growth and transition as development from a child to adulthood is a complex process.


These differences can be seen in physical/sexual development, cognitive development, emotional development, moral development, adolescent identity, peer relationships and many mental health problems like depression, anxiety disorder, self-mutilation or cutting, eating disorder; suicidal thoughts and mood disorders etc.


I recommend counselling/psychotherapy to friends, as a good therapist has immense experience to deal with these delicate issues. If a child has or is suspected to have, any of these or other mental conditions, they need to receive help from a skilled/experienced therapist. Dealing with these problems skillfully during adolescence, not only helps them get through the turbulent teen years, but also gives them a chance for a better future. Health professionals-psychologists who specialize in adolescent psychology provide a safe place for your teenager to learn new skills to help them cope with life’s challenges. They can also help you as a parent if you are struggling during this time.


We, at Ishh Guidance and Counselling Centre, have over the years, helped and guided a large number of parents and children overcome any problem that these teenage years bring. That goes equally for both parents and children as they face this tide together.


Let’s not shy away from acknowledging the fact that both MENTAL and PHYSICAL health hold equal importance in our lives. Let’s give our mental health the respect and attention it deserves. Let us talk about mental health to the extent that it stops being a stigma and becomes a normal topic of discussion instead.