Interns Reap Returns

If you are a fresh, bright graduate with a wow cover letter, great scores and impressive recommendations but fail to bag a coveted job, a key element of your job-readiness may be missing - an internship. The internship you had ignored created all the difference.


An internship offers invaluable exposure, a chance to learn important job skills and a “first-hand” feel of the workplace and a valuable addition to your CV, which makes you look more appealing as a job-ready person.  


Internships can clinch the game in your favour with


1. “Real” Exposure

Internship adds remarkable value by offering you “real” experience as your theoretical knowledge doesn’t always translate into real life. Internship teaches you about your chosen work domain only and exposes you to new people in a controlled environment with structured training and duties.


2. More Self-Understanding

Internship encourages greater self-understanding. Sometimes getting self-clarity requires someone to go out of comfort zone. Sometimes, the reality may surprise you, making you decide to continue or try something else.


3. Professional Networking

An internship lets you forge deeper professional relationships beneficial for your career.


4. Catching Employer’s Eye

On a CV, the Experience section interests employers the most and internships are the perfect way to gain it. List the tasks done done during internship to showcase your value.


5. Transition Into A Full-Time Position

Often, an internship can become a full-time job position. Employers always look to add organizational value and an internship showcases the value you can add.


So next time you have a college break, you might think of a meaningful internship to build your future.