Offbeat Career Options in India

Are you tired of the usual stuff - medicine, engineering, accountancy, teaching, law – offered in terms of possible career choices? Fret not! Today’s world has thrown up a veritable host of unique careers that are not only interesting but also well-paying. For a starter, did you know that you can make money out of your love for pets by becoming a pet groomer? Or that you could get paid a big packet just for sitting and tasting teas all day? Or that developing codes to foil the designs of computer hackers could make you a millionaire? Here we go!


1. Ethical hacking

If you enjoy hacking your friends’ social networking accounts for “fun” and are a pro at cracking passwords and unlocking a locked system, they (having loads of moolah!) need your grey cells for a good use. In short, breach the security of computer systems and get paid for it!

Big corporates look for ethical hackers for security purposes. Of course, you need to know different programming languages well. You may start by working as an intern for an organization and later make it into a permanent job. The average salary may not be quite attractive (Rs.2-5 lakhs) for a fresher, but 5-6 years later, one can easily command a Rs. 10-12 lakhs annual package, depending upon skills.


Indian School of Ethical Hacking and Institute of Information Security offer courses in ethical hacking. The recently-opened Gujarat Forensic Sciences University, Gandhinagar also offers several related courses. It’s important to have NO criminal record because it is all about trust and none would like to leave their security in the hands of an untrustworthy person.


2. Tea tasting

What about tasting great teas all day and getting paid for it? Well, if you are a tea aficionado, this one can be your cup of tea! A tea sommelier can earn well if one gets the right opportunity. Tea tasters mostly work with tae plantation companies, tea auction houses, export houses and other agencies which deal with tea business. A tea sommelier not only tastes the teas but also gives advice, and knows tea cultivation and manufacturing.


Some colleges that offer such courses are- Tea Institute of India, Assam Agricultural University, Indian Institute of Plantation Management, The Tea Research Association, The Tea Tasters Academy. The Indian Institute of Plantation Management, Bangalore also runs a certificate course in Tea Tasting and Marketing.


3. Bachelor of Rural Studies

If you long for the calm and quiet of villages, this is the one for you. The course exposes you  to various rural and community development activities by covering animal husbandry, forestry, farm management, child development, agriculture, environment management, community development, etc.

Post-completion, you can work at various government, public and private organizations that focus on rural issues. You can also work with NGOs like CAPART, SoS Villages of India.


Bhavnagar University in Gujarat offers Bachelor and Masters in Rural Studies.