The Definitive Guide To Choosing a Career

Given the vast range of career options and the sources of information available to a youngster, it’s no surprise that most of them find themselves at the crossroads. It’s quite natural as the complex and delicate nature of this decision makes it the most important single (to some extent, not so-easily-reversible) step in one’s life. The job can be doubly difficult if one has no idea of what one would like to do or if many things seem equally appealing to a mind. We’ll take you on a guided safari to the vast career jungle and help you with a step-by-step guide to hunting down the best game (your dream career):

A. Readying for the safari

“If I have ten hours to axe a tree, I’ll spend eight hours in sharpening my axe.”

Sounds quite obvious. I know a lot about myself. No? Yes, you do not know about yourself as much as you need to - your special talents, interests, values, soft skills, and of course, your personality traits (like introversion or extroversion). Knowing about them can help you rule out some careers as completely inappropriate, while you zero in on the most suitable ones. Take a sheet of paper and sit all by yourself in a closed room and think of these things. Keep on jotting whatever comes to mind. You will be surprised at the amount of information you can ferret out this way that you never knew before!

Psychological assessment tools can help you get reliable, accurate and valid information about your traits and, later list down the occupations that are a “good fit” for you.


B. Go Hunting Now!

You may come up with multiple lists of occupations based on these assessment tools. To sort it out, club them into one master list. Look for careers suggested by multiple lists and shift them onto a blank page – call it “The Hunting List”. All the options on this list are definitely worth considering.

Scan over any occupations on the lists that appeal to you – you know a little about them and would like to explore further. Also, include some professions which you know nothing about. A surprise might be waiting for you!  Add them to your Hunting List.


C. Look for a good game

Gather info on each occupation in the list. It will enable you to slash your list down to fewer options and you won’t need to work on all the options on your original list! Browsing the Internet can be helpful in finding Job Descriptions, training requirements, monetary rewards and specific challenges in a particular profession.


D. Focus on your game

Based on your research, begin to narrow down your list to 2-5 options. There may be some options that don't appeal to you in terms of the work involved or a career that looked interesting may have a poor job outlook. You may be unable/unwilling to meet the educational requirements for an occupation, or lack the soft skills essential to good job performance. If the reasons for rejecting a career are non-negotiable, cross it off your list.


E. Talk to expert hunters !

With only a few occupations on your list, start delving in-depth. A proven way is to talk to professionals, who have first-hand knowledge about them. You can harness your social media network, including Linkedin, to find people who are experienced in these fields. It can be an immensely profitable experience as they can help you stay “grounded” by giving you a dose of the “real life” and not fall prey to media hype or peer pressure. Working with a trained Career Counselor can also play a helpful role in the entire process.


F. Take a position and shoot !

Now you should feel ready to make a choice. Go with the occupation that you think, will satisfy you the most, based on all the information gathered so far. Remember, we all need money to survive but the monetary returns in a particular occupation should NEVER be the primary criterion while choosing it. Instead, look for intellectual satisfaction, learning, development and your own advancement as a person. Money will automatically follow!












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