Revising for a Good Exam Score -2

C. Writing model answers

This technique improves your memory of the material, critical skills and exam practice.

i. Analyze the question

Analyze the past exam papers and think about the wording of the questions therein to note down the key words.

ii. Ideate

You need at least 5-6 major points/ arguments in each answer. Try to generate ideas based on who, what, why, where and when of the topic in question.

iii. Check

Practice writing under exam conditions, taking care to maintain the sanctity of the perfect exam-like conditions. Read through your model answers for errors and irrelevant points and think of the ways to improve the argument. It’s very helpful to get your teacher’s or friend’s opinion on your answers afterwards.

7. Give me a B…..r….e…..a….k

Regular study breaks go a long way in improving our learning efficiency and recall. Scientific research indicates that study breaks give the brain a higher chance of remembering what you learn:  50 minutes on, 10 minutes off.

Try something entirely different for some time in the evening. Watch TV, walk, listen to music, talk to friends. Your brain will thank you for it.

8. Exercise

Walk, run, do skips, throw ball- in short, do anything that makes you sweat. It gets you going so that more oxygen reaches the brain to make it work better. Anything that makes the brain work well is welcome. Besides, it gives you a good respite from studying – a win-win combo!

7. Eat well

Eating well will let everything else take care of itself, so that you can focus on your task. But remember the mantra- healthy, not heavy. So, all those fried pooris and sugar-rich milkshakes are a NO-NO. They tend to make you sleepy and slothful after some time. Eat light but nutritious stuff – Carbohydrates for energy, protein for growth and repair and vitamins. Taking lots of fruits and veggies will give you the minerals, ions and vitamins your body needs. For snacking in between, keep energy and mineral-rich nuts like walnuts and almonds by your side. And drinks tons of water so that you feel hydrated all the time.