Career Not By Chance, But By Choice

Choose a job that you love and you won't have to work for the whole of your life.

Work defines human life. It determines what we do, how much we earn, where and how we live, our professional goals, our immediate social circle and much else. The very first question we are going to ask a person in our first meeting (after introduction, of course) is invariably about his/ her work. If a person’s work is so central to human life, why is that we never pay attention to deciding which work to do? We take great pains in building/buying a suitable to live in. But sadly, we do not give the well-deserved attention to the choice of a suitable career. The results are there before us: As per the US Labour Office research, the single most important reason behind personal dissatisfaction/ unhappiness in more than 90% cases is a WRONG career choice.

Though the Indian middle class has quickly realized the role of a good quality education in getting a decent job, it is still not conscious of career planning.  Mostly, the deciding factors are -earning potential, social status, parental pressure, peer influences, media hype etc. The result is - a gross mismatch between what one should be doing vs what one does, creating dissatisfaction, stress, relationship problems, career stagnation and burnouts.

Life is God’s greatest gift to us and we live only ONCE. The kind of life you lead and your career must be by YOUR choice, NOT by chance. Any whims and fancies in this matter can create lifelong problems, which may be difficult to remedy later.  Therefore, both parents and teachers need to realize the pivotal role career planning plays in ensuring a career choice which suits the child’s innate capabilities, aptitude, weaknesses and personality traits. Please remember- there is NOTHING like a good job or a bad job. If someone were to ask you – Should I become a singer or an actor? Obviously, we cannot compare apples and oranges, the point we are trying to drive home here. Both are good choices but the billion dollar question is: Which one suits you better? All of us are UNIQUE, each one is DIFFERENT. Many a time, we are unaware of our own likings, interests, strengths and weaknesses. The answer requires us to collect scientific data on one’s innate aptitude, interests, personality, learning style, acquired skills, confidence and emotional intelligence. While doing career counseling, we follow highly scientific procedures (IQ tests, Differential Aptitude Tests, Rorschach Test, Personal Interview etc.), which are internationally validated. The information gathered from different assessments is correlated by experts to make a holistic judgment about one’s unique sets of talents. Based on these findings, a range of the most suitable career choices is suggested, which are most likely to lead to a meaningful, satisfying and fulfilling professional and personal life.