Psychological Testing

Word Association Test - In educational sector, Ishh Guidance is playing a crucial role by performing Word Association Test in Psychology so that every student can perform at his best. By considering this, Ishh Guidance is providing a platform to get educated in the psychology field. And we also providing an opportunity to various students to come and being well versed in psychology. An internship program is designed by Ishh Guidance to incorporate various steps which are being covered in 60 days by Dr. Shashi Sethi. It takes two sessions in which one session concludes 30 days. Here students are nicely taught to be the real psychologist. The program of internship endows every student with practical and vocational skills by which one can get the best career opportunity and be able to develop others skills.

Thematic Apperception Test - This is the time when no one has time in actual to improve the mental health condition and perform Thematic Apperception Test in Psychology. Due to so much busy schedule, everyone is being victimized of stress nowadays. Due to this, we all are aware of the term psychologist. Basically, the psychologistis are helping other people in making their decisions, reducing stress and other things such as evaluating their performances and skills etc. When a person becomes helpless in taking a decision or getting rid of mental stress then psychologist is the doctors who help the person in the stageof a dilemma. Ishh Guidance and Counselling Centre is helping to provide various services such as Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), Word Association Test in Psychology and psychometric assessment, psychological counselling educational and behavioural counselling, mental retardation, mental hygiene and various therapies and treatments.

Situation Reaction - Situation Reaction Test is abbreviated as SRT in the series of psychological tests. Ishh Guidance is also performing on various projects, workshops, and tests including Situation Reaction Test in Psychology. Which are making careers of newcomers in psychology or the one who wants to make a career in psychology? The workshop conducted by Ishh Guidance incorporates aptitude and career counselling at various schools, institutes and government sectors. These tests boost the confidence of the students and also the employees or several other professionals who need it the most. There is an endless list where the set of programs has been conducted by Ishh Guidance. Being one of the best psychologists in Chandigarh, we provide satisfactory aftermath to the candidates who come in the quest for the best guidance regarding Situation Reaction Test in Psychology.

Self Description Test - Especially incorporate fields, there is huge stress of work in private sectors and government sector as well where the Self Description Test in Psychology is required. In this case, the person wants to choose to work with mental peace which requires counselling and balance in life. Psychological doctor is a ship by which a person can reach out to the goal he/she is trying for. Various corporate projects performed by Ishh Guidance were highly successful as many people are still being benefited by getting the satisfactory counselling. Methods adopted by the doctor of Ishh Guidance are highly advanced and digital as various lectures are being delivered by a psychologist to the endless number of patients or students.