Counselling for Adolescent Problems in Psychology

Chanllenges During Adolescence (12 - 18 Years)

parenting-adolescents Adolescent Parents Counseling in Chandigarh - Ishh Guidance and Counselling Centre provides best counselling for adolescents problems in psychology. Adolescence (teenage) has typically been described as a period of great turbulence, stress and storm. Marked by the onset of puberty (start of menstruation in girls and development of testes in boys) due to hormonal changes, during this time, the individual is neither a child nor an adult i.e. transition between childhood and adulthood.

It would be a misconception to treat it like a problem and it must be remembered that adolescence is just a “normal” phase of life. Of course, there are some visibly significant physical, biological and psychological changes. The teenager needs empathy, understanding and guidance to navigate successfully through this phase and parents can play a major role in ensuring this. Most teenager-parent conflicts revolve around studies, career, freedom, friendships, discipline, personal choices like dress and fashion.

It has to be appreciated that a teenager is actually an adult-in-the-making and therefore, needs to be respected like that. Parents are sometimes stumped and worried over their assertiveness, suddenly developed questioning attitude, counter- arguments and a challenge to parental authority. Early teenagers (12-14 years) reach the operational thought stage i.e. are able to ask hypothetical questions and visualize different scenarios. This ability calls for respect and celebration as it lays the foundation of mature adult thinking. The problems arise when parents do not offer explanations for their decisions and try to brush aside matters as being trivial. Research shows that if parents practice democratic decision-making and give them the reasons behind restrictions, they are more likely to show acceptance and compliance. It is upon the parents to handle the teenagers carefully so as to help them morph into responsible adults.

From experts to other parents, people are always ready to offer parenting advice. There could be a lot of variation in the advice you get, in fact, it could be two extremes on a certain issues e.g. Authoritarian vs. Democratic parenting style. The truth is: there is more than one "right" way to effective upbringing. The specifics may differ but good parenting practices always include

Ensuring children's safety
Being affectionate and a keen listener
Providing direction, order and consistency
Fixing and implementing limits
Spending time with children
Monitoring children's friendships and activities
Becoming a good role model and leading by example

Problems of adolescence in psychology -
Most adolescent problems are due to parents’ failure in understanding the bodily and psychological changes at this time. Psychologically, it is such a vulnerable stage that teenagers are easily carried away by perceptions moulded by well-meaning but misinformed teachers, friends, elders, siblings, media and films. They could pertain to studies, sex, society, married life, career, religion, politics or any other relevant subject.

Every teenager is prone to such exposures which, ultimately, are retained as lifelong attitudes to form permanent behavioural patterns. Common adolescent problems can be broadly classified as:

Morphological / Developmental

Being overweight / underweight, skin problems, pimples, Abnormal growth of genitals and breasts


Misconceptions about sex, child birth, menstruation, Inferiority / superiority complex about skin colour, beauty, mental ability, IQ and Personality

Perceptions about dress and fashion, Unrealistic ideas about friends, teachers and parents

Attraction towards the opposite sex


Insecurity due to unemployment, Inexplicable sibling rivalry or jealousy, Relationship problems with parents, friends, relatives


Anxiety over classes, examinations and tests, Low IQ feeling, Fear of exam failure or low score, Concern about future career, Misconceptions about teachers

Most of these problems faced by them are perceptional. With timely and effective counseling, while many of these can be remedied successfully, some of them may require psychiatric attention.

We are backed by the required expertise and valuable experience in adolescent counseling. Our clinic is equipped with all the necessary tools and technologies (e.g. Personality Tests, Intelligence Tests, Interest Inventories, Projective Tests, Bio-feedback Machines etc) required to diagnose and remedy typical psychological problems faced by adolescents.