Mental retardation is a condition usually diagnosed before the age of 18. It is manifested in below-average general intellectual functioning and a lack of skills necessary for effective daily living. Mental retardation affects about 1-3% of the population. The causes are many and varied but the doctors are able to successfully pinpoint the cause only in about 25% cases.

The extent to which mental retardation affects one's functioning varies widely - from borderline retardation through mild to profound retardation. The psychotherapeutic emphasis lies less on the degree of retardation, and more on the kind of intervention and care required to lessen its impact and improve the situation. The therapy aims at inculcating safety rules and teaching appropriate, person-specific life skills to help the person actualize his full potential.

Our work with mentally challenged starts with a comprehensive assessment to find out their

Intelligence Level
Social Skills
Adjustment Levels and
Self-cum-Management Skills

The idea is not to label or classify the individual after assessments. Rather this is to evolve a suitable educational plan so as to help him lead a productive life and realize his potential. While conducting these assessments, the aim is to determine whether the individual is educable, trainable or vegetable so that suitable interventions can be planned. Depending upon the results of these assessments, the parents / guardians of such individuals are given a tailor-made plan.  The plan is devised in line with the specific limitations, inherent talents and future goals of the individual as revealed by various assessments.

For Children

Learning and educational support
Emotional support
Specialized therapy
Health care

For Parents / Guardians

Adult education
Job training
Socio-emotional support
Specialized therapy
Health care

Encouragement to environmental exposure

Mentoring in basic cognitive skills

Celebration of newly acquired skills

Rehearsal / expansion of new skills

Protection from inappropriate teasing / punishments
Age - appropriate language stimulation