Students Psycho Educational Assessment / Modules to Improve in Academics

Educational Psychology

My father wants me to be a photographer,
my mother wants me to be a saint.
My brother wants me to be a geographer,
my sister wants me to paint.
My grandfather wants me to swim like a fish,
my grandmother wants me to fly.
And one of my aunts would like me to dance
but none of them hear my cry…
Oh leave me alone, leave me on my own
I just know what I want to be,
I want to be free to sit on a stone
and walk by the side of the sea.
(The English Teaching Theatre)

Psychoeducational Assessment for Students - Educational Psychology is the study of how people learn. It also addresses issues like individual differences, the educational process, special learners and learning difficulties. The goal is to help children with problems within the educational context to enhance and maximize their learning. Typical challenges may range from social to emotional problems to learning difficulties. We, as psychologists, may collaborate with individuals, families, teachers or even schools to deliver the desired results.

Typically, our work involves assessing the child using observation, interviews and structured / unstructured evaluations followed by appropriate interventions such as learning programmes and collaborative work with teachers or parents. We also work with schools for in-service teacher training to help them achieve optimum results using proven psychological principles and techniques.

Besides, we also focus on the social, emotional and cognitive processes in learning over an individual's lifespan. We try to create a rich learning environment to stimulate the students to develop new knowledge and skills, and inspire them to expand their horizons.

Educational psychology also helps to understand the differences in Aptitudes, Intelligence, Social Adjustments and other relevant variables and their impact on learning. It also measures Student Achievement, and their Adjustment Levels in their educational setting. The care of special children (gifted, dyslexic, mentally challenged, those with special needs) is a unique part of our toolkit.

Student Psycho Educational Modules to Improve in Academics -
Our clinic is fully equipped with the necessary physical and intellectual infrastructure to deal with the following assessments and therapies in the educational context:

Developmental delays in Learning, Writing, Calculations
Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
Autism and Other Pervasive Development Disorders
Learning Disabilities (Dyslexia, Discalculia)

Aptitude Tests
Personality Tests
Intelligence Tests (IQ)
Performance Quotient
Verbal Competency Testing
Performance Tests (PQ)
Emotional Intelligence Testing (EQ)
Social Quotient Testing
Memory Quotient Testing
Assertiveness Testing

Problem Solving Sessions
One-to-One Counselling
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
Behavior Modification
Token Economy
Concentration Skills
Effective Study Habits
Play Therapy
Role Modelling
Family Counseling (If required)
Special Education
Coping Skills