Therapies and Treatments for Autism Diagnosis in Chandigarh

Case Study - AUTISM

A. The subject is a 3 years, 5 months-old female. Accompanied by her parents, she reported with chief complaints of problems in communication, lack of concentration and hyperactivity. As per the parents, the child also had poor eye contact and didn’t comprehend the instructions given to her. The assessment results indicated that she had AUTISM and instant therapy sessions were required. Counselling was also provided to the parents too, so that they could help the child and handle her in a positive way.

As a result of the parents’ and the therapist’s efforts, the child has now started interacting with everyone at home and her eye contact has also improved. She has started speaking a few words at home. She shakes hands with others. The child doesn’t show tantrums and other positive changes in behavior have also been seen. Through gestures, she has started communicating her demands and has also started comprehending the instructions given to her. Her attention span has shown improvement.

The areas a Autism Diagnosis focuses are:

  • Autism Spectrum Assessment
  • Speech Therapy for Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Occupational Therapy Autism Assessment
  • Speech Therapy for Autism
  • Occupational Therapy for Autism
  • Assessments for Autism Spectrum Disorder