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career counselling center Best Career Counselling in Chandigarh - Expensive ingredients do not become a tasty dish unless expertly handled by trained people. Aptitude Tests identify the mental and emotional raw material while Career Counselling is the recipe to make a yummy dish out of them. Once we have all the requisite information, duly corroborated by personal and family interviews, we have every ingredient in place.

Career Counselling involves the laying out of career paths most likely to result in professional and personal success. Since a person is gifted with many traits, it would be wrong to presume that there is only a single career suitable for him. Further, a single career may necessitate a set of many traits necessary for success. Keeping these in mind, we work with the client to help him understand his strengths and weaknesses and map the most appropriate career paths. For example, someone having an inborn aptitude for logical reasoning, good communication and good drafting and presentation skills (as revealed by tests) could be equally suitable for either a legal or a diplomatic career. In such cases, one's personality traits and personal likings could play a significant role in career choice and later success.

Undeniably, youngsters on the cusp of starting their higher education or career are the ones most anxious about their careers and where they want to go in life. But the number of people experiencing job dissatisfaction and those pondering over a career change is rising exponentially. Mercifully, psychologists are well-equipped to help such people who contemplate a mid-career change due to any reason. There are age-specific Aptitude Tests and Norms available for different age groups i.e. after 10+2, after bachelor's degree, mid-career etc. In fact, anyone who needs help with career planning or management will find them extremely helpful. These tests can identify broadly the range of inborn, special skills present in a person. We use this information to advise a range of suitable careers predominantly using the faculties revealed by the tests.

It must be remembered that there is nothing bad or good about a particular aptitude profile, rather, it's just a unique internal map which can guide us. Such skills, if nurtured further with appropriate training and education, can become the foundation of a successful career and life.

There Is Never A Wrong Time To Do The Right Thing In Life !

It would be a misconception to presume that career counseling is only for those on the verge of starting a career. It is equally important for people who are mid-way through their professional career. People evolve over time as they acquire new skills and develop new hobbies, their interests and priorities change and they may develop a new understanding of their life goals (especially 35 years+). All these changes may be slow but over time, they add up to present the challenge of a possible career change. We are proud of the many successful career transitions we have helped evolve for professionals desiring a mid-career switch. Since such mid-life changes throw up several social, personal and other challenges, we have helped them negotiate them successfully with our counselling efforts. In fact, there are examples of retirees playing a second innings in a new arena by working more successfully than before.

Apart from Aptitude Tests, Personality Tests and Interest Batteries may also be required to arrive at a sound decision on career choice or change. These tests help bring out the characteristics crucial to success in every human endeavour --- Motivation, Social Skills, Communication, Leadership Qualities etc. Besides, some important inputs on hidden complexes, fears and anxieties are also required. Such data is obtained by means of Projective Tests, which open a window to the working of the Sub-conscious and the Unconscious Mind. The purpose behind this variety of tests is to explore the individual mind in threadbare detail and also corroborate the inputs obtained from personal interviews and family interactions.

All these valuable data are collated so as to arrive at a composite mental picture of the individual. Such assessments may reveal a number of outstanding skills and some limiting factors, all of which are crucial to deciding potential work areas.

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