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“ Square Pegs Never Fit Into Round Holes or Vice-versa ”

Aptitude test for career guidanceIshh Guidance and Counselling Centre is the best aptitude test and career counselling center in Chandigarh & Panchkula. We all are gifted with diverse personality traits and mental abilities. These traits and abilities are pivotal to what we can or cannot do and achieve in life. Mostly, career choices are dictated by personal likes and dislikes, parental influences, peer pressures, media and, of course, prevailing socio- economic circumstances.

How the prevailing socio-economic circumstances can impact career choices is amply proven by the emergence of sunrise sectors like IT-ITeS, Banking, Biotechnology and others, which have attracted millions of youngsters. But if we go back by a few decades, we would discover that government jobs were the rage then due to the immense security and social prestige on offer. With liberalization, globalization and a New Economic Order, career choices have expanded and diversified, relegating the earlier hot favourites to the bottom of the list.

But the selection of an appropriate career is simply not only the function of what is available around us. In fact, it can be one of the worst possible mistakes of one's life. But sadly enough, this is what happens very frequently and is the commonest reason for job dissatisfaction, slow progression and personal unhappiness. Empirical research indicates that a great majority of people are misfits in their current jobs because the choices made were unsound, ill-informed and unsupported by relevant scientific data. Since a typical job accounts for at least 60% of our daily waking hours, it is imperative that we do what we love and what we are cut out for.

“ If You Want To Go Nowhere, Any Road Can Take You There ”

It’s important to understand the difference between Intelligence and Aptitude. Intelligence implies a generalized, abstract ability to understand, reason and derive inferences, while Aptitude refers to the special, narrow skills inherent in a person. For instance, someone may be blessed with a high Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of 130 and a great mathematical aptitude but may lack any aptitude for languages. In such a case, despite the high IQ level, he may be unsuitable for a vocation predominantly involving language e.g. journalism, translation, editing, electronic media etc.

Everyone loves to drive a luxury car simply because one likes it. But the billion-dollar question is whether one has the necessary money to buy it or not. Similarly, every career choice has certain pre-requisites integral to success. For instance, a career in sales pre-supposes good communication, sociability, aggression and tactful customer handling. Similarly, impressed by the immense glamour and money in a film career, a girl may decide to venture into it, but the most relevant question is: Does she have it what it takes to make it big? These questions can be answered satisfactorily only by scientifically designed Aptitude and Personality Tests, which can reveal very important information about the inner workings of his mind. The data obtained from these tests is collated with other information to arrive at an unbiased, well-considered decision.



All are equal but each one is unique.

Undeniably, youngsters on the cusp of starting their higher education or career are the ones most anxious about their careers and where they want to go in life. But the number of people experiencing job dissatisfaction and those pondering over a career change is rising exponentially. Mercifully, psychologists are well-equipped to help such people who contemplate a mid-career change due to any reason. There are age-specific Aptitude Tests and Norms available for different age groups i.e. after 10+2, after bachelor’s degree, mid-career etc. In fact, anyone who needs help with career planning or management will find them extremely helpful. These tests can identify broadly the range of inborn, special skills present in a person. It must be remembered that there is nothing bad or good about a particular aptitude profile, rather, it’s just a unique internal map which can guide us. Such skills, if nurtured further with appropriate training and education, can become the foundation of a successful career and life.

Now if someone were to ask you: Which one is better: Becoming a singer or an actor?, you would be most likely to reply that it is an invalid question, it is a matter of personal abilities and likings. In an informal way, you are referring to aptitude. Precisely.

Several people, having spent a significant chunk of their work-life in a profession that they dislike, are reluctant to even think of a career change mid-way. Economic opportunity costs, demands of new skill-sets and family and societal pressures often nip in the bud any such change from being implemented. Let’s remember that there is never a wrong time to do the right thing as a satisfying work-life is the bedrock of a productive, meaningful and happy life. We have worked with professionals looking for a mid-career switch, (Professional ethics and privacy concerns prevent disclosure) and have helped them negotiate it successfully with our counseling efforts. In fact, we have worked even with some retirees to help them have a successful, post-retirement career in line with their aptitude and personality.

Apart from Aptitude Tests, some data on Personality Traits may also be required in many cases so as to arrive at a sound decision on career choice or change. Such information can be revealed by Personality Tests, which are conducted along with the Aptitude Tests. These tests help bring out the characteristics crucial to success in every human endeavour --- Motivation, Social Skills, Communication, Leadership Qualities etc. Besides, some important inputs on hidden complexes, fears and anxieties are also required. Such data is obtained by means of Protective Tests, which provide a clue to the working of the Sub-conscious and the Unconscious Mind. The purpose behind this variety of tests is to explore the individual mind in threadbare detail and also corroborate the inputs obtained from personal interviews and family interactions.

All these valuable data are collated so as to arrive at a composite mental picture of the individual. Such assessments may reveal a number of outstanding skills and some limiting factors, all of which are crucial to deciding potential work areas.

“Try To Do Something That You Love and You Won’t Have To Work For A Single Day In Life”