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Dr. Shashi Sethi
Neuro Psychologist
RCI Registered (RCI-A03617)
M.A. Psy., M.A.Lit, Ph.D.
Kothi No. 723, Sector - 7, Panchkula,
(Haryana) - 134109.
Telephone: (M) +91-99141-30054


Ishh Guidance and Counselling Centre is fully equipped to offer world-class Psychometric Assessment services for schools, corporates, organizations and other concerns. The clinic, being run under the stewardship of Dr. Shashi Sethi, is staffed with fully qualified and trained psychologists and is equipped with a range of diagnostic, testing and therapeutic facilities for comprehensive Psychometric Assessment. We have been conducting such Psychometric Assessments in schools, colleges and institutions and other clients in the past. All such Psychometric Assessments are followed by detailed Individual Counselling to pinpoint key areas for improvement/ further action. We cover a vast range of Psychometric Assessments as per the needs of our client/s. These programmes are customer-designed for each client as per the problems they face and their requirements.

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Visiting Hours
Tue. - Sun.
: 10.30 am - 6.30 pm
: With Appointment
Monday Closed
Conferences Attended
Participated inthe National Childhood Disability Conference (NCDC) 2011 on 2nd to 4th September 2011 and Participated in the Proceedings. the 8th National Conference of the IAP Childhood Disability Group ”Certificate of Participation” National Childhood Disability Conference (NCDC)2011

Pre Conference Workshop on “Strategies for Teaching Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Using Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis”on National Childhood disability Conference (NCDC) 2011

Participated in Pre Conference Workshop on “Newborn Hearing Screening: A Sound Strategy” on The 8th National childhood disability conference (ncdc2011).

Attended International Symposium on “Early Identification of Autism A Model for Improvement” at REGIONAL INSTOTUTE FOR MENATALLY HANDICAPPED SECTOR 31, CHANDIGARH in collaboration withIAP CHILDHOOD DISABILITY GROUP ON 29TH March 2010.

Participated in National Rehabilitation Science Congress Organized by: Indian Association of Rehabilitation Professionals at Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi dated March01and02,2008

Participated in World Congress of Neurology Sydney Convention Exhibition Centre Sydney, Australia dated 5-11November 2005.

Workshop Topics
Adolscents Issues For Parents
How To Raise Kids
Sex Education & Personality Development
Career Issues
Aptitude Test & Career Counseling
Self Empowerment & Hypnosis
Mother's Workshop
Psychological Evaluation

A psychological evaluation is an assessment done by a qualified psychologist. Psychological evaluation is often suggested in cases ...

Best Psychologist in Chandigarh and Panchkula


Best Psychologist in Chandigarh & Panchkula - Ishh Guidance & Counselling Centre is the best guidance & counselling centre in Chandigarh. Ishh Guidance & Counselling Centre is working as a best psychologist in Chandigarh. Ishh Guidance & Counselling Centre is a pioneer in rendering effective psychological solutions to the problems faced in day-to-day family life, marital adjustment, school work, workplace setting and personal adjustment. We are contantly fired by a motive to ensure the psychological well-being of our clients through alleviation and cure of psychological ailments.

The World Health Organization defines health as "complete physical, mental and social well-being of an individual". It has to be carefully noted that health is NOT simply an absence of disease. The modern urban lifestyle, though more comfortable, has thrown up its new challenges in the form of workplace stress, working couples, DINKS, loneliness and the crumbling of traditional family structures. The resultant problems have multiplied the number of people whose constant companions are anxiety, stress and depression, which come at a heavy cost. The costs paid are not only personal and familial but also social and organizational --- Personal unhappiness, Poor relationships and family life, Career problems, Loss of productivity, Broken marriages and homes etc.

Thus, good mental health is a pre-condition for a happy, productive and effective life because if good health adds years to life, good mental health adds life to years.

A stitch in time saves nine, thus goes an old saying. It is especially true of modern medical science which emphasizes more on the prevention of disease. In line with this philosophy, our solutions are directed towards not just effective treatment, but also disease prevention and wellness with appropriate practices.

Dr. Shashi Sethi

The Centre is headed by Dr. Shashi Sethi (Best psychologist in Chandigarh & Panchkula), a pioneer in educational psychology and a reputed consultant based in Chandigarh - Panchkula. Armed with an M.A. in Psychology and a Diploma in Vocational Guidance and Counselling (NCERT) and with the wealth of clinical experience she gained as a researcher with the Department of Neurology and Psychology, PGI, she is in an ideal position to help you on the road to recovery. She has also done significant research work on important mental health problems like Epilepsy, ..... and has participated in several national conferences and seminars on mental health.

Over the decades, using psychotherapy and counselling, she has successfully helped children, adolescents and adults bounce back from various levels of psychological distress, guiding them to the path of good mental health with her competence, sensitivity and understanding. She has worked with several schools, college and corporate houses in addressing academic problems, career choices and workplace issues.

Special Focus on Children and Teenagers

For the last 20 years, Ishh Guidance & Counselling Centre has been a best psychologist in Chandigarh & Panchkula front-runner, specializing in the psychological problems of kids, students, and teenagers. Children need an open, sympathetic, caring and interesting environment to open up and confide in someone. Indeed, Dr. Shashi' forte is children's problems, and she has her own unique way of handing children and youngsters, who simply love her company.

..... as well as Adults

We also have a special unit for adult individuals and couples, which deals with Personality Development, School Performance, Career Progresion, Marital & Pre-Marital Counselling, Family Counselling and Sexual Abuse. Using appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, we help you unravel, understand and overcome your mental hurdles and behavioral problems ---- such as lack of motivation, faltering concentration, low confidence, body imbalance, phobias, complexes, anxiety, depression, anger, failure, stress, autism, dyslexia and several others.

Media Musings
"Half of my clients are students who come for career counselling. It is beyond doubt that students don't want traditional courses. I suggest courses such as Animation, Bioinformatics and Radio Diagnostics on the basis of one's personality, intelligence and aptitude. These courses are very well received," says Panchkula-based Dr Shashi Sethi, Consultant & Psychologist, Ishh Guidance & Counselling Centre.

Excerpted from the piece

Demand Picking Up for ‘Alternative Courses’ (The Tribune, Dated April 16, 2017)


In Loving memory of
Dr. Shashi Sethi

In Loving memory of  Dr Shahshi Sethi    In Loving memory of  Dr Shahshi Sethi NewsPaper Cutting

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